About Us

Our Story

Our founder, Wajiha Saqib, began her teaching career in 2014 when she was teaching Urdu to foreigners and diplomats at a community center in Islamabad. In 2016, while she was in the US for her post-graduate studies, she grew to know the local South Asian diaspora and realized that there was a desire in her community to reconnect with their linguistic and cultural heritage. Acting upon this situation, Wajiha and members of her community began to offer free Urdu Shayari sessions in Washington D.C. Upon returning to Pakistan, ASY was founded to offer a virtual platform for Urdu language learning accessible to anyone in the world. 

Our Beliefs

At ASY there is no one size fits all solution for learning. We strongly promote a combination of traditional and technology based approaches, and our courses can be customized for individual learners based on their needs. Our course structure is dynamic, and we include various aspects of Urdu and South Asian culture into our teaching through visual, audio and speaking exercises. 

We empower native born speakers to teach their language. After a rigorous pedagogical training process, native speakers become registered ASY instructors and may offer their native language on the ASY platform. ASY believes in inclusion and anyone from any country, ethnicity, background and age-group is welcome to attend our classes.

Our Services 

Alif Se Yeh offers more than just a service; we aim to promote all aspects of South Asian culture through our platform. At ASY we aim to provide the highest quality one-on-one language sessions, group language learning courses, translations and transcription services, Urdu literature courses, and free poetry sessions.

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