Our Team

Our teams are predominantly based in Islamabad and across the world. We currently have a language learning team that caters to students across all levels, and a separate translation services team that liaises with non-governmental organizations, corporate organizations and private clients needing assistance. We also have a team of literature enthusiasts running free virtual Urdu poetry sessions twice a week. 

Our teams work virtually and can provide Urdu translation and teaching services to anyone anywhere in the world. All of our teaching staff comprise of educated professionals who have received pedagogical second language training.

Wajiha Saqib

Founder, Operations Manager & Marketing Lead

Wajiha Saqib is an education researcher who founded ASY to teach Urdu language and literature to anyone, anywhere in the world. She believes that learning languages help people understand different cultures and traditions.

Saqib Farooq

Sole Proprietor, Chief Translator

A chemical engineer by profession with a passion for Urdu language, Saqib Farooq leads ASY with a vision to promote language learning and provide high quality translation services.

Team Leads


Naima Saqib
Translations and Transcriptions Lead
Mohtashim Siddiqi
Legal Advisor


Hasan Khan
Shayari Lead, Web Design Lead
Hamza Kiyani
Media Team Lead
Fariha Saqib
Teaching Team Lead
Huria Tariq
Media Team Co-Lead


Wajiha Saqib
Urdu Language Instructor
Fariha Saqib
Urdu Language, SA Politics Instructor
Hamza Kiyani
SA Cinema Course Instructor