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Urdu Standard Course

Would you like an Urdu learning experience at your own pace? The standard course is perfect for Urdu learners of all levels and customizable for your individual requirements.

Urdu Poetry Course

An introduction to the world of Urdu poetry. Whether you are interested in the ghazals of Ghalib or the nazams of N.M Rashed, these courses are a great starting point for studying shayari.

Urdu Crash Course

Need to learn Urdu quickly? Want to move from beginner to conversational? The crash course is a one stop shop covering 3 modules over a 6 week period, at discounted rates.

Custom Course

If you want to learn Ghalib’s poetry or film-making in South Asia or want to learn humorous prose, you can reach out to us for customized courses.

Urdu Literature Course

Want to learn more about Urdu literature through short stories? This course covers the evolution of Urdu prose throughout the twentieth century. Release the inner Manto in you. 

Interested in offering a course aligned with the ASY vision? Reach out to to get started.