Urdu Crash Course

Need to learn Urdu quickly? Want to move from beginner to conversational? The crash course is a one stop shop covering 3 modules over a 6 week period, at discounted rates.

  • Crash courses are offered to Beginners students, Intermediate speakers and Advanced Learners.
  • These courses are six weeks long, with classes being held five days a week.
  • These courses are offered primarily during summer or winter breaks with special pricing deals to get the maximum bang for your buck

Course Breakdown

  • Our courses are designed using scientific methods of active recall and spatial repetition to ensure progressive learning. 
  • We target all aspects of Urdu culture and combine them in this course through video analysis, frequent testing and regular conversational practice 
  • The crash course has two examinations to ensure that the course can be tailored to target your weak areas.
  • We have our own developed curriculum developed and refined over 5+ years. We us google slides presentations and google documents to ensure that you have the best in class teaching methods available.

Instructor: Wajiha Saqib, Fariha Saqib

Start Date: Early June 2022, Mid July 2022

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Platform: Google Meet

Registration: To signup, email registration@alifseyeh.com

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