Urdu Standard Course

Would you like an Urdu learning experience at your own pace? The standard course are perfect for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced learners and customizable for your individual requirements.

  • The Standard course is offered to Beginners, Intermediary-level speakers and Advanced Learners.
  • After an initial consultation, we can customize a course to your specified needs. So whether you are learning the language for marriage, work or casual purposes, we have you covered. 
  • Typically, our course is offered throughout the year and is spread across 14-week long modules, with one class per week. 
  • We target all aspects of Urdu culture and combine them in this course through video analysis, frequent testing and regular conversational practice. 
  • The Standard course is flexible and dynamic. We recognize that you may have long working hours and would like to spread the learning over a period of time, and we’ll offer you the freedom to cater the course to your requirements. 

Course Breakdowns

  • Our Beginner level regular course comprises 3 modules. This covers; Grammar, Conversational translation, Speaking and Listening 
  • Our Intermediary-level speakers regular course comprises 2 modules. This covers; Speaking, Listening and Comprehension
  • Our Advanced-level regular module comprises 2 modules. This covers; Speaking, Listening, Comprehension, and Creative Expression in Urdu
  • NOTE: We offer group classes consisting of 2 to 3 students grouped together. There are group discounts and sibling discounts available for this type of courses. 

Instructor: Wajiha Saqib, Naima Saqib, Fariha Saqib, Mizna Mustafa, Hajira Qureshi

Start Date: Rolling registration

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Platform: Google Meet

Registration: To signup, email registration@alifseyeh.com

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